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Opening Up!

We opened the doors to the very first Lightwork Studio on October 1st 2020! Renee was our very first client. With 3 outfit changes in mind she wanted to capture some images celebrating her upcoming birthday. We focused first on the black backdrop with Renee having brought a pair of vintage 90s jeans, once having belonged to her mum, a brown wrap top and hoops. The look was beautifully simple and allowed the camera to really focus on Renee.

(Image 1, taken by Emily Light, copyright)

The next look really took 'birthday suit' to a new level. With the colour PINK in mind we used satins, petals, balloons and birthday cake to set the stage. We really bought the birthday celebration to the forefront of the image.

For the final look, we went all out. Blue was the theme. We used tinsel to create a glowing backdrop and gave Renee some more poses to work with, advising her to really exaggerate with her movement.

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