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About us

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Lightwork Studios, established in 2020, is a dynamic photography services based in the heart of Kent, and cover the whole of the UK. With a wealth of experience spanning the industry, we've cultivated deep-rooted connections with makeup artists, models, studios, and videographers, allowing us to provide a comprehensive suite of services.


Our company was born in 2020 but our journey began in 2015, and since then, we've been dedicated to crafting innovative portraits and captivating images that resonate with a diverse range of clients. Our geographical reach extends across Surrey, Essex, London, Kent, and Medway, allowing us to capture the essence of your special moments in these vibrant regions.


At Lightwork Studios, we understand that photography serves as a powerful means of communication, connecting artists, models, and the public alike. This synergy transforms our studios into a thriving cauldron of creativity, where the magic of each image comes to life. With our specialised services we empower our clients to step confidently into the spotlight, ensuring that every shot reflects their unique persona.


Backed by a team of highly skilled and respected professionals, Lightwork Studios is committed to fostering a sense of confidence and assurance in every individual who steps in front of our lens. Our mission revolves around providing a space where creativity flourishes, collaborations thrive, and memories are etched into visual tales. Our expansive range of services encompasses wedding photography that immortalises love stories, family portraits that capture the bonds of kinship, headshots that reveal the professional essence, event photography that chronicles unforgettable moments, and food photography that indulges the senses.


Thank you for considering Lightwork Studios to be a part of your journey. We invite you to step into a world where photography is more than just images – it's a means of storytelling, a reflection of identity, and a celebration of life's exquisite moments.


Emily Light

Meet Emily Light, an accomplished professional photographer with a rich journey that began when she joined UCA Farnham. With over 7 years of hands-on experience, Emily has woven her creative vision into the very fabric of her work, capturing the essence of diverse moments and stories.

Emily's lens has illuminated brands such as Tate Modern, Levis, Klarna, SaurGeneral, and Orvis Clothing Company, infusing each image with a unique blend of artistry and commercial impact. Her ability to translate brand narratives into visual masterpieces is a testament to her dedication and expertise.

Graduating from UCA Farnham in 2020 marked a significant milestone in Emily's creative evolution. Her work has graced the illustrious pages of Vogue Italia and has been featured in noteworthy fashion publications including 'Elegant Magazine' and 'Picton Magazine.' These accolades stand as a testament to her innovative approach and her profound understanding of visual storytelling.

Beyond her captivating photography, Emily's journey has evolved to encompass a passion for psychology and healing. Currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology, Emily's aspiration to become an art therapist speaks volumes about her commitment to using creativity as a catalyst for positive change and personal growth.

At the age of 22, Emily embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship by starting her own creative Magazine; Lightwork Magazine, an endeavour that mirrors her spirit of exploration and determination to broaden horizons of others.

With a portfolio that showcases both artistic finesse and an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, Emily Light is not only a photographer but a trailblazer, a visionary, and a catalyst for meaningful connections.


To embark on a visual journey with Emily or to explore the transformative world of art therapy, reach out at

Emily Light
Food photography

Emily Light is a self taught multidisciplinary photographer based in Greater London. Specialising in digital, 35mm film she captures an intimate glimpse at gritty realities of heartbreak, youth culture, and promiscuity. Emily has experience photographing a range of styles and has been published in Vogue Italia, Elegant Magazine and Guap Magazine. 


I cannot recommend Lightwork Studios highly enough, she has been amazing at our wedding capturing the joy,  love and celebrations in the most beautiful way ❤️ thank you Emily!! 

—  Maria Boxley Streets

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