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Janelle is a self taught make-up artist who creates concepts inspired by music, emotions and the world around her. Janelle thinks her art form as a constantly moving and evolving lifeform which she takes and moulds using the visuals around her. She has experience working on photoshoots, small runways and for events with family and friends.


Janelle provides all the products necessary to complete the requested looks. This includes but is not limited to; foundation, concealer, contour, powder, paints, lipsticks, lashes, eyeshadow palettes. All makeup artists use disposable mascara and lip brushes to ensure hygiene regulations are met.


Full Glam Beat: £50 per look (1-2 hours)

Minimal Face Paint: £75 (2-3 hours)

Full Face Paint: £100 (4-5 hours)

Face and Body Paint: £150 (6 hours)